“TRUE PERFECTION IS IMPERFECT”.... inspires our design philosophy.

Essence of nature is what shapes our rustic pronouncement.

SWAA Clay Studio is designing and handcrafting tableware & home decor in ceramics.

Stoneware and porcelain, glazed with lively colours which are completely food safe and free from any hazardous chemicals. High fired to 1230 degree C for great strength and longevity.

Every article is designed and handcrafted exclusively in our bangalore based studio. 


We don’t mass produce. Every piece is unique and has it’s own character and identity. We believe that absolute symmetry or resemblance are mere compulsions of mass making needs. 

As we can observe that NATURE offers nothing absolutely symmetrical or identical...

Hence SWAA loves to stay with the-old-school “SLOW”, every pot being itself.


Through our product line we strongly stand for a sustainable lifestyle. Amidst  today’s fast fashion mindset and disposable culture, we believe in creating products that are designed to last for a lifetime. 



“To buy what we need & cherish & treasure...”