10 Day workshop exploring Potter's Wheel, Hand-building and glaze application

# 4 classes dedicated to potter's wheel

- Learn the process of preparing your clay

- Fundamental skills of working on the electric potter's wheel

- Make a tumbler, a bowl and a plate

- Learn finishing skills

# 4 classes dedicated to clay hand-building

- Introduction to the craft of clay hand-building

- Learn multiple hand-building techniques

- Create your own bowl, platter and decor pieces

- Learn combination techniques

# 2 classes dedicated to glaze application

- Introduction to the technique of glazing ceramics

- Learn to prepare your glaze solution

- Learn innovative glaze application techniques

# Take your artworks home after firing.

# Learn design thinking and create functionally aesthetic forms

Timing - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Every Saturdays & Sundays

Available only against Pre-booking


New Batches -

starting November 27th 2021

(fees -  Rs.15000 only all inclusive)

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Potter's Wheel is like this -

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation here’s what we do


- We are not providing any refund in case of cancellation from your side.

- If it's a case of medical emergency, we can consider rescheduling the course or you can join the next available batch (upon providing proof)


Refund is not possible.