“True perfection is imperfect”... inspires our design philosophy... Veracity shapes our rustic pronouncement! 

We celebrate shades of life and how it's ever transforming. We craft stories around all moods and their coexistence...

vibrance & calmness, drama & subtlety, quirk & elegance, movement & static...


FLORESCENCE - blossom inspired

This collection is about softness & fluidity. The forms are dynamic while colors are a mélange of garden shades.

Here we present indulgent tableware, unique drinks ware and home décor.    

SPIRAL - timeless essentials

‘Spiral’ is at the core of our inspiration for this range. This story is about minimalistic forms, classic neutrals and functional abundance.

Style that never fad-s out. We present everyday special dinnerware, drinks ware and other table ware under this collection.

VINTAGE POP - quirk club

This range is a fun ensemble that brings brights together with rustic. It has a vibrant pop look with a cool retro soul.

Here we present munch & nibble coordinates, pasta bowls together with tea and coffee vessels. 


Learn Pottery with Swaa

Clay is a beautiful medium. It's calming and comforting. Learning pottery is not only learning a new skill but it is food for soul. In today's fast pace life it brings us unhurried lounging we need. Slows down our rushing minds. Teaches us to wait and take a minute out, sit back, observe and feel blissful!!

We love to share our clay experience through teaching. Clay is for everyone & everybody is welcome to enjoy this gift!!